Three Tips to Help You Get the Right Cannabis Strain

cannabis oil

Cannabis used to be considered only as a recreational drug. But with modern science keeping up, we know now for sure that our ancestors were right all along to consume this plant! Anxiety, depression, cancer, seizures, mood swings, chronic pain, autism, ADHD, glaucoma, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and Parkinson’s disease can be treated with the chemical compounds in cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes). 

But as you may have realized by now, there are many cannabis strains in the market. And a task that is supposedly easy to do can become daunting if you do not know what to look for. 

Identify Your Needs

Before we discuss the variety of cannabis strains, you should ask yourself why you need the plant in the first place. If it is purely recreational, then you should not be bothered with the THC and CBD ratio in the weed. But if you need cannabis to deal with your health issues, you have to be more selective. 

Now, take a look at all the medical conditions mentioned in the first paragraph. Do you have any of them? If you do, then you have to know that you don’t need to buy pure cannabis buds to get the benefits. You’d better consume CBD oil or pills instead.

Check Our Best Pick of the Bunch

The first on the list, there is Hawaiian Haze. With 26% THC, this strain is best for seasonal smokers. It won’t hit you hard, but it will still give you that uplifting kick. But if you smoke more than 5 or 6 joints, this strain can induce laughter, which makes it okay for partying as well. 

In the second place, we’d like to introduce you to G13. The THC on this strain is only around 24%, but don’t let it fool you because once you smoke it, euphoria, sleepy feelings, and sedated sensation will stay in your system for hours. The best part about G13 is its sweet, fruity, and earthy taste. 

Third, we have Cannatonic. This strain has an equal percentage of THC and CBD, which makes it ideal for treating chronic pain and improving sleep. It does not induce an intense high but gives you an elongated relaxed state instead. 

Always Experiment

By assuming that you can get access to a trusted vendor, the next logical step for you will be to experiment as much as you can. The possibility is limitless. Different strains may give you different marijuana experience, for sure. But do you know that you can the very same strain may taste differently depending on its delivery methods? If you are used to smoking joints, try vaping. If you’ve done both, eat some edibles.