Tips for Choosing an Indoor Grow Package

As you know, not all indoor growing packages are equal. You will find some grow packages to have too much equipment or not enough equipment to get you going. Fortunately, no matter your needs, you are guaranteed to get a grow package that suits your needs. Thus, you can easily grow bud at home. These are some of the things you need to have a complete grow room.

Grow Light System

led grow boxUsually, a grow light kit has a high-pressure sodium bulb that is ideal for flowering. They also have a metal halide bulb that is good for vegging cycle. The system of lighting is a staple for seasoned growers and indoor horticulture. The bulbs are secured inside a reflector that helps to redirect light towards the plants. Depending on the reflector, you can create a wide spread of light that has a minimal penetrating power. The size of the grow tent you want depends on the type and number of plants you want.

Ventilation / Odor Control

First, you need to determine where you will pull fresh air from. Ideally, you will be pulling in the air the fresh air from the outside and exhaling stale air. In this case, you need to install your fans and ducting properly. Ensure that everything is done properly and sturdy. If you do a shoddy job, something bad is likely to happen later on. For instance, light leaks can cause growth problems. You can control the odor by using a charcoal filter.

Environmental Control

Your growing package should have a simple mechanism of adding carbon dioxide into the garden. Remember that plants breathe in carbon dioxide to help make their food and exhale oxygen as a result. Since there is no adequate carbon dioxide in the air, there is a need to supplement it to increase plant growth and the overall yield.


Your plants will feed on nutrients. Check whether the grow package you are buying has essential macronutrients. It is advisable to have a basic feeding schedule for the plants to thrive on.

Grow Pots

indoor grow packageGrow pots and bags are basic elements for the indoor garden. You should consider using fabric grow bags are they are lightweight, easy to transfer, and lightweight. Most grow bags have a black inner lining that offers your healthy roots the much-needed darkness and drain holes for the excess water run-off. If you are a serious grower, you should get plastic pots that have drain holes to aid run-off.